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Videos & Artists

A sampling of the fabulous music our AES artists play...



Darol Anger with The Furies (YouTube)Darol Anger with The Furies.

Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards - Heel to Toe (YouTube)Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards.

Duane Padilla (YouTube)Duane Padilla.

David Gerald Sutton (YouTube)David Gerald Sutton Tiny Desk Contest 2016.

Enion Pelta-Tiller with TAARKA (YouTube)Enion Pelta-Tiller with David Tiller (TAARKA).

Peter Lee Johnson - Starboy 2016 (YouTube)Peter Lee Johnson.

Giulio Venier with Ezio Santellani (YouTube)Giulio Venier with Ezio Santellani.

Lee Corbie-Wells with Kaptain Bottletop (YouTube)Lee Corbie-Wells with Kaptain Bottletop.

Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards - Women of the Ages (YouTube)Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards.

David Gerald Sutton (YouTube)David Gerald Sutton.

Duane Padilla (YouTube)Duane Padilla.

Tom Morley with in the duo "banna de dhá" (YouTube)Tom Morley in the duo "banna de dhá".

Pushing Chain and The White Wall Sessions (YouTube)Pushing Chain and The White Wall Sessions.

Robert Anderson with TJ Stafford (YouTube)Robert Anderson with TJ Stafford.

Chuck Hugenberg with Oakhurst (YouTube)Chuck Hugenberg with Oakhurst.

Robert Anderson with Uncle Daddy (YouTube)Robert Anderson with Uncle Daddy.

Peter Lee Johnson - Adele 2012 (YouTube)Peter Lee Johnson.

Adam Moe with Pushing Chain (YouTube)Adam Moe with Pushing Chain.

Peter Lee Johnson - Flo Rida 2010 (YouTube)Peter Lee Johnson.

Duane Padilla (YouTube)Duane Padilla.

Peter Lee Johnson - Aerosmith 2010 (YouTube)Peter Lee Johnson.


Kathleen Parks (YouTube)Kathleen Parks w/ Aoife O'Donovan & friends.

Matt Glaser Trio (YouTube)The Matt Glaser Trio

Zosha Warpeha (YouTube)Zosha Warpeha.

Jessy Greene solo (YouTube)Jessy Greene.

Lisa Fuglie with with Monroe Crossing - Don't Get Above (YouTube)Lisa Fuglie with Monroe Crossing.

Kathleen Parks with Cat and the Moon (YouTube)Kathleen Parks with Cat and the Moon.

Lisa Fuglie with Monroe Crossing - Micah (YouTube)Lisa Fuglie with Monroe Crossing.

Kathleen Parks with Twisted Pine (YouTube)Kathleen Parks with Twisted Pine.

Jessy Greene with Fistful of Mercy (YouTube)Jessy Greene with Fistful of Mercy.

Zosha Warpeha with Mike Robinson (YouTube)Zosha Warpeha with Mike Robinson.

Lisa Fuglie with Monroe Crossing - Grassland Jam(YouTube)Lisa Fuglie with Monroe Crossing.

Eva Cottin with Lady Lakritz (YouTube)Eva Cottin with Lady Lakritz (Eva is featured about 1/2 way thru).

Lisa Fuglie with Monroe Crossing - Heartache (YouTube)Lisa Fuglie with Monroe Crossing.


Old No. 54 & London4

Jake Armerding (Old No. 54)Jake Armerding (Old No. 54).

Diego Mondragon (London4)Diego Mondragon (London4).

Becky Gaunt (London4)Becky Gaunt (London4) with The Okee Dokee Brothers.

Tips from Darol Anger (London4)Tips from Darol Anger: The Shuffle (London4).

Diego Mondragon (London4)Diego Mondragon (London4).

Tips from Darol Anger (London4)Tips from Darol Anger: Chopping (London4).

DuShane & Marinette

Tom Schaefer (DuShane)Tom Schaefer (DuShane) with Greg Byers.

Ryan Young (DuShane)Ryan Young (DuShane).

Chris Becknell (Marinette)Christopher Becknell (Marinette) with Murzik.

Tom Schaefer (DuShane) with Ciaran Tourish, Ciarán Curran, & Danielle EnbloomTom Schaefer (DuShane) with Tourish, Curran, & Enbloom.

James Plattes (DuShane)Jim Plattes (DuShane) demo of polyphonic violin technique.


And here are (many of) the artists who play our instruments - because they love them!

Robert Anderson Violinist, composer, arranger, educator, clinician in the Los Angeles area.
Darol Anger
Violinist, fiddler, composer, producer and educator; plays the London 5-String Acoustic Electric Violin, as well as the Bartig Octave Short Scale (octave-mandolin-tuned tenor ukulele).

"...the tone from the London5's pickup was the best I've ever gotten out of any violin pickup." Read more of Darol's comments on his London 5-String here.
Jake Armerding Boston singer-songwriter-violinist, Jake plays his Old No. 54 with octave tuning.
Raphael Armin Jazz / electronica / breakbeat artist of the Netherlands.
Alice Backer Teacher of fiddle and violin.
Emily Baker Fiddler, vocalist, and music therapist; half of The Bakers - String Duo.
Chris Becknell Violinist with the dark folk band, Murzik.

"Just wanted you to know I used my London 5 string last night to accompany The James Sewell Ballet Company in a Valentine's Day Dance Show! I was able to play the Saint-Saens piece "The Swan" from the Carnival of the Animals in its original 'cello' register because of the 5 string!"
Dave Bernard Fiddler with the Santa Cruz, CA bluegrass band, The Intangibillies.
Colleen Bertsch Folk violinist and a founding member of Orkestar Bez Ime, Colleen also regularly performs with the Ethnic Dance Theater and Szászka String Band.
Danielle Bishop Fiddler, currently with Whitewater Bluegrass Co.
Ernest Bisong Violinist, performer, and teacher.
Ben Blechman Violinist, teacher, studio musician, and recording engineer. Performs with the new acoustic chamber ensemble, Terracoustic.
Dalinda Bohr Orchestra, guitar, and music technology teacher at Central Dauphin East High School, and an instructor of violin and viola at the Community Music Institute, Lebanon Valley College.
Mike Broderick Fiddler with Aurora Celtic.
Ray Bruckman Fiddlin' Ray - performer, composer, educator.
Sam Bush Sam Bush Band
Sue Buzzard Freelance violinist performing traditional folk songs, jazz swing tunes, and original compositions, bridging the jazz and classical worlds with her acoustic string music.
Jonathan Castillo Belgian and rambling fiddler, ethnomusicologist, and video producer; performs in Duo dLC.
Guilhem Cavaillé Fiddler with the traditional Irish music band out of France, Doolin’.
Bill Cheatem Aka Gregg Shelton, fiddler with Best Day.
Christine Collister Professional violinist and violist, currently performing with Munn Park Saints.
Lee Corbie-Wells Currently playing fiddle and singing in a Scandinavian-bluegrass-contra band called Kaptain Bottletop. She also teaches violin and guitar in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Laura Cortese Folk, post-folk, indie-pop artist, and founder of Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards.

"My [London] 5 string is my primary instrument on the new album. Pretty exciting!"
Eva Cottin Netherlands violinist and composer.
Susan Cronick Fiddler with The Hand-Picked Bluegrass Band.
Samantha Cunningham Multi-instrumentalist, currently studying traditional music at the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music at Morehead State University, and active in several bands including her own, Firegate 33.
Josh Dampier Fiddler and teacher.
Zoë Darrow Fiddler and step dancer.
John Donahoe A freelance musician performing in a wide variety of styles including jazz, blues, country, Americana and bluegrass at numerous Tennessee & New England venues.
Michael Doucet Fiddler, composer, and founder of the premier Cajun band, BeauSoleil.
Mary DuShane Performer, teacher, and fiddler with the DL Cajun Trio, and the Moonlight Duo. Mary is also our DuShane violins' namesake!
Serena Eades One half of the Canadian bicycle-traveling duo, Sostenuto , and touring with Delhi 2 Dublin (featuring an electronic fusion of bhangra beats and Celtic fiddle).
Francis Elliott Instructor of violin and viola at The Music Academy in Crossville, Tennessee.
Benji Flaming Twin Cities musician; plays one of Gary's octave-mandolin-tuned tenor ukuleles (the Bartig Octave Short Scale).

Benji on his octave-mandolin-tuned ukulele (YouTube) Here's Benji on his uke, playing a tune from his Christmas CD.
Bo Frazer Florida musician playing the Dahlia5 in his band, Smokin Bo Frazer.
Lisa Fuglie Musician, vocalist, songwriter and educator; plays fiddle and mandolin with Monroe Crossing.
Becky Gaunt Fiddle player, vocalist, and conductor. Fiddler with The Okee Dokee Brothers.
Seth Gilliard Contemporary violinist.
Matt Glaser Founder of the Berklee College of Music String Department, and currently artistic director of the American Roots Music Program, Matt has played with a wide range of musicians, from Yo-Yo Ma to Bob Dylan to Ralph Stanley.

From Matt: "Gary has the most extraordinary instruments! He has really put his finger on the needs of a community of musicians, and is offering wonderful instruments that have (justifiably) taken over the scene here at Berklee. Gary's instruments sound incredible, and they have these gorgeous pickups inside, so that the instruments can be played either acoustically or electrically, (or both! ) in a variety of settings. I have watched as many great students here at Berklee have realized the superiority of these instruments, and gotten one for themselves. This has been facilitated by the fact that these beautifully made, gorgeous looking, and wonderful sounding instruments are very reasonably priced, so that college students (not the richest people on earth!) are able to buy them. Bravo to Gary and Karen and their company, Acoustic Electric Strings, for their incredible instruments, and for providing such an important service to this amazing new generation of bowed string players."
Barb Goodlet With the acoustic revival band, Cattail Moon.
Jim Grady Fiddler with the southern rock / alt country / bluegrass band, Buckshot Betty.
Jessy Greene Electronica / rock / trip hop. Currently producing music with her bands, Fauntella Crow, and Songs for Pirates. Most recently performing with Dave Grohl’s "Sound City Players", Jessy also toured with Pink's world tour in 2009, and with the Foo Fighters in 2007 and 2008 (congrats on her performance and award appearance with the Foo Fighters at the 2008 Grammy Awards!!!).
Larry Gregerson Fiddler with the Whiskey Jacks, playing original high desert swing, jazz and blues.

About his Dahlia5, Larry says: "I love it! The instrument has just the right medium tone (not too dark...not too bright) that I was looking for and the amplified sound is beautifully authentic."
Joshua Grice Plays fiddle with the Oly Mountain Boys, and "violin" with the Olympia Symphony Orchestra.
Glen Harrell Fiddler, vocalist and founder of the bluegrass band, Volume Five.
Dylan Hawf Fiddler with the traditional bluegrass and old time gospel group, The Hawf Family Stringband.

Of his new Dahlia 5-string, Dylan says "Have done several hours of picking at a festival, played an indoor gig, and outdoor and I love it in all aspects. Thanks for an excellent fiddle."
Heide Hille Freelance violinist playing classical, improv, rock violin, celtic and country music; as well as a music instructor in the Phoenix, AZ area.
Tanya Huang New Orleans fiddler with the duo Tanya and Dorise.
Sarah Hubbard Multigenre violinist.
Michelle Hudson Orchestra director and music educator.
Chuck Hugenberg Colorado fiddler and teacher.

"Thanks for helping me find my new number 1!"
Tchoupy Hylaris Primary strings teacher at the music school in Cap-Haitian, the most highly trained luthier in Haiti, and the sole orchestra teacher for hundreds of strings students in northern Haiti.
Sumaia Jackson Classically trained fiddler now studying a wide variety of musical styles at Berklee College of Music, a member of Wrong is Right, and also performing with Jayme Stone’s Folklife.
Dylan James Eluxir Music
Peter Johnson Currently in the Popular Music program at the University of Southern California, and a composer and studio violinist.
Maria Jones Fiddler and step dancer.
Amanda Kerr Fiddler and educator.
Jeremy Kittel Violinist, fiddler, composer, improviser. Currently touring internationally with his name-sake group, the Jeremy Kittel Band.
Alexey Kochetkov Berlin based violinist, composer and music producer. Founder of the Arabic-Oriental music ensemble, Berlin Oriental Group, and - his current project - 5 Strings Theory.
Mark Kreitzer Musician, teacher, author. Founder of The Mark Kreitzer Band.

"My Dahlia5 has a full, rich tone and plenty of volume. The fifth string had always intrigued me, and now that I have one, I can't imagine going back."
Richard Kriehn Former mandolinist with A Prairie Home Companion's house band and The Guys All Star Shoe Band, and currently mandolinist and fiddler with numerous bands including Lush Country, Pat Donohue and the Prairie All-Stars, and Two Girls & a Boyd.
Ryan Lappi Fiddler with Wildwood Roots Band.
John Lardinois Violinist, recording artist and educator. Currently performing with several bands, including the Celtic groups, Dulahan, and Father Son and Friends.
Bridget Law Fiddler with TIERRO with Bridget Law, and a member of the former band, Elephant Revival.
Sharan Leventhal Soloist, chamber musician and educator. Sharan tours with The Gramercy Trio, teaches at The Boston Conservatory and Brandeis University, and has served on the faculties of Michigan State University and Berklee College of Music.
Brune Macary Performing and teaching violin and viola in the Boulder, Colorado area.
Quentin Marsh Currently performs with the traditional Celtic/folk band, Father Son and Friends.
Jackie Martin Music educator.
Juan Carlos Martinez Violinist, composer and arranger, and member of the Costa Rican tango quintet, Quinteto Libertango.
James Mason Fiddler, educator and bow-maker, performs gypsy jazz with the ensembles, Everything’s Jake, and Swing Papillon.
John McCutcheon American folk music singer and multi-instrumentalist, John now plays one of our DuShane Deluxe 4-string violins.

"I’m having a ball with the fiddle!"
Lela Miatke Playing fiddle with her dad and sister in their family band, Rainy and the Rattlesnakes.
Adam Moe Fiddler with the folky-tonk duo, Pushing Chain.
Eric Mohring Fiddle and mandolin player, performs with the Cajun band, The New Riverside Ramblers, as well as with Café Accordion Orchestra.
Bruce Molsky Guitar, fiddle, and banjo musician and educator.

"I've been enjoying my London fiddle a whole lot. You know I sing and play at the same time, and it's turned into a great instrument for that. I've been talking it up to folks at shows and my students at Berklee (a couple of them have shown up with your 5-string models in the last couple of months). Hope all's well with you..."
Diego Mondragon Jazz violinist performing acoustic-jazz, Latin-Jazz, flamenco and romance throughout California and abroad.
Iyanna Monique Solo UK violinist.
Richard Moody Canadian violinist / violist, and writer / performer with groups such as The Bills, The Wailin Jennys, and Woody Holler and his Orchestra.
Emily Moore Berklee College of Music alumnus and violinist in the alternative violin scene.

"I LOVE my instrument, by the way! As a freelance violinist here in LA, I play it on average 2-3 times a week plugged in and use it acoustically on the majority of my gigs and recording sessions."
Tom Morley Educator, violinist; currently playing his London 5-String with the progressive Celtic band, Mithril, and his duo - banna de dhá.
Adrian Mui Irish fiddle player and teacher at The Academy of Irish Music in Chicago.
Chris Murphy Violinist, composer, band leader.
Niall Murphy Irish fiddler, session musician and recording engineer. Plays fiddle in the Irish traditional, English folk, and country & bluegrass circles, and is a member of Breaking Trad, The Roots Revival, Doolin’, and Cara Dillon’s band, among others.

Niall's review of the Dahlia5:
"At first glance the Dahlia5 is a thing of beauty, it sits in your hand just perfectly, the neck is lovely to hold and string spacing is spot on. Acoustically this thing really sings, plenty of power and projection over all 5 strings, which most 5 strings lack. Plugged in, it is sublime. Loads of bottom end and sweet in the higher register - a fabulous pickup. I highly recommend this to anyone after a fiddle for jamming on stage, off stage or in the studio. Thanks Gary!"
Betsy Neil Fiddler, composer, teacher. Betsy plays her AES London violin with numerous folk, bluegrass and Cajun bands, including Bayou Grenouille.
Sean Neukom Multi-instrumentalist, composer, educator, and audio engineer. Founding member of the Beo String Quartet.
John Niemann Currently performing with Twin Cities bluegrass band King Wilkie's Dream.
Dominic Orrico Multi-instrumentalist playing several AES instruments including his DuShane and Dahlia5 violins. And, as Gary's friend, he offers frequent encouragement and support!
EJ Ouellette Americana, rock and folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, as well as producer/engineer, arranger and teacher.
Zach Ovington New England singer and multi-instrumentalist.
Duane Padilla Musician extraordinaire! Teaches, and plays his London 5-String - among many other instruments - out of Honolulu, Hawaii.
Kathleen Parks Violinist, songwriter, composer. Performs original music all around the Boston and Cambridge area with her band, Cat and the Moon, as well as the bluegrass band composed of Berklee College of Music members, Twisted Pine.
Joe Patterson Plays his London 4-String, among other instruments, out of Portland, OR.

From Joe: "Your pickup system is the best we've come across."
Enion Pelta-Tiller Five-string violinist, composer and founding member of the indie-gypsy chamber folk group, Taarka.
Linda Peng Has a YouTube channel called Violin Covers, where she often features her AES 4-string violin.
Anthony Phipps Director of Music at Broadbeach State School and Artistic Director of Gold Coast Choir, Queensland, Australia; plays a London 5-String Acoustic Electric Violin.

"You have made my year! It even sounds better than I thought it would."
Catie Jo Pidel Fiddler, currenlty playing original swissicana folk music with a bluegrass drive, in Caludo, based in Zurich, Switzerland.
James Plattes Violinist, instructor and creator of the Violin-A-Gram.
Robbi Podrug With the Minnesota based bluegrass band, King Wilkie's Dream.
Tom Pritchard Itinerant string teacher, and fiddler with the Dave Matthews tribute band, Dancing Nancy.
Sam Proctor Traditional session musician, recording engineer and producer, plays fiddle with CrossHarbour and Doolin'.
Tony Pyrzakowski Australian fiddler.
Rhona Reagen Suzuki method violin and viola teacher.
Rachel Reichert Freelance fiddler currently based in Colorado, playing Americana, traditional bluegrass and classical music.
Russ Rentler Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist.
Nancy Richardson Music educator, and violist with The Bohemian Quartet.
Tom Schaefer Jazz, swing, Irish, old-time fiddler and recording artist extraordinaire. Currently playing with Honky Tonk Jump, among many other gigs.
Lauren Schloemer Vocalist and fiddle player, performing with the progressive bluegrass, jazz and Americana band, Hickory Robot.
Preston Schmidt Fiddler and audio engineer/producer, currently performing with Sheriff Scott & The Deputies.
Clay Scott Fiddler, and creator / producer of Mountain West Voices.
Mary Seim Hardanger fiddler, Oslo, Norway.
Ramon Selby Fiddler in the Seattle, Washington area.

From Ramon: "Spent several hours with musician friends yesterday showing off my new London5. Did our own live test of the sounds both acoustic and plugged in and no one could tell the difference. AES London 5 and AER Compact 60 make an unbeatable combination. The warm sound I asked for could not have come through better. All present just loved it. Thank you both for your help over the last few weeks. This has been a marvelous experience."
Rick Shields NYC fiddler performing with Paul Mills (aka Poez) and folk singer Peter Stampfel.

"Really liking the #54. Acoustically, it's great....fat, warm and powerful, just as advertised, and electrically without a preamp, it sounds excellent...lots of low end and sounds distinct and full in the upper registers. I wish I had one of these years ago. Thank you!"
Gabriel Silvay Multi-instrumentalist out of Slovakia, and co-founder of Silband, merging folk acoustic instruments with a modern musical style.
Chris Silver Multi-instrumentalist performing solo and with the Chris Silver Band.
Coleman Smith Educator, and fiddler with Rapidgrass Quintet.
Dan Smith (aka Dahlia Dan) Orchestra director of Westlake Middle School, Lombard, Illinois.

"Having a wonderful time with my baby Dahlia. I play it almost every day, during orchestra classes at school and in the evening exploring the possibilities of this unique instrument."
AJ Srubas Fiddler and instructor; currently playing with Minneapolis-based Steam Machine, and Hello Heartache, among several other bands.
Nancy Steinberger Fiddler, composer and instructor at Swallow Hill Music.
Rosanna Stokes New Morning Sky
David Sutton Violinist and founding member of the former Electric String Quartet; David plays a London 5-String Acoustic Electric Violin.
Ilana Thomas Concert and wedding violinist, and violin educator.
Vicky Triola Violist, violinist, educator.
Giulio Venier Our very first Skype customer, from the Friuli region of northeastern Italy.

Giulio Venier with his new London5 named  Minnie
"Ciao dear Karen and Gary !
I am so happy !
I named my London 5 Minnie .... from Minneapolis .
Ok it's a joke coming from the instrument's provenance !
I am playing it everywhere !!!
I tested in concert the mic and jack ... and in another situation only the pickup ... one time with my effects also ....
Everything superb !!!!
Thank you so much again !!!!"
Pop Wagner Modern-day cowboy, reknowned singer, picker, fiddler, lasso twirler and poet.
John Wallace Old-time fiddle and banjo performer and instructor.
Zosha Warpeha Violinist and composer, currenlty studying at Norges musikkhøgskole.
Jeremy Waterman Violin and viola teacher, violist, and chamber musiciance out of Portland, OR.
John Whitehead Twin Cities singer-songwriter; plays a Bartig Octave Short Scale (octave-mandolin-tuned tenor ukulele), among his instruments.
Christine Whyatt Educator, and former director of the Young Fiddlers Association.

"The Dahlia5 is a wonderful tool for improvising and for teaching. Purchasing a five-string instrument has renewed my interest in playing and has motivated me to explore new ideas and create new sounds."

Read Why Not Five? (PDF), Christine Whyatt's article on 5-string violins in the Winter 06/07 issue of String Notes, the journal of the Minnesota String & Orchestra Teachers Association (
Christine Whyatt Educator, and former director of the Young Fiddlers Association.

"The Dahlia5 is a wonderful tool for improvising and for teaching. Purchasing a five-string instrument has renewed my interest in playing and has motivated me to explore new ideas and create new sounds."

Read Why Not Five? (PDF), Christine Whyatt's article on 5-string violins in the Winter 06/07 issue of String Notes, the journal of the Minnesota String & Orchestra Teachers Association (MNSOTA).
Eldridge Wisely Violin / fiddle teacher in the Tucson, AZ area, playing in the band, 3 Penny Balladeers.

"I played my Dahlia5 for a pub gig last Friday and it sounded great through the PA system. Thank you so much for picking the perfect instrument for me and for answering all of my amplification questions!

Thanks again for my dream fiddle!"
Ryan Young Fiddler with Trampled By Turtles.
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