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The DuShane Deluxe 4–String Violin

Our DuShane Deluxe Acoustic-Electric model is a beautifully antiqued violin with an even more beautiful acoustic tone! Includes our lightweight piezo pickup for the ultimate in amplified tone.

Listen for yourself...

Audio clips recorded in Gary's Warehouse Studio showcase both the acoustic and amplified tone of the DuShane Deluxe 4-String Violin.

Pickup only - Jazz clip Pickup only - Jazz clip
Mic only - Jazz clip Mic only - Jazz clip

Pickup only - Irish clip Pickup only - Irish clip
Mic only - Irish clip Mic only - Irish clip

Here's a video of our good friend, Tom Schaefer, playing his amplified DuShane 4-string with several Irish greats.

Tom Schaefer playing his AES DuShane 4-String (YouTube)

...and another of Tom and his DuShane Deluxe, with cellist Greg Byers.

Tom Schaefer and his AES DuShane Deluxe with Greg Byers (YouTube)

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DuShane Deluxe Front View

DuShane Deluxe Side Jack

DuShane Deluxe Back View

The DuShane Deluxe with Gary's lightweight internal pickup: . . $1299
(Case included; bow not included; free shipping within continental US.)

The DuShane Deluxe without the internal pickup:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $899
(Case included; bow not included; free shipping within continental US.)

Optional Accessories:
L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI Preamp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $189

Note on International Shipments:
For international orders, please remember that you will be required to pay import duties & taxes (VAT) in addition to the shipping estimate we quote based on your address. Depending on the country, this may add as much as an additional 25% to your final cost.

One week free trial...

Our instruments are available with a one-week free trial period and free shipping anywhere in the continental US (with credit card deposit; US orders only). If you choose not to keep the violin, you pay only for return shipping.

Call Gary at 800-741-3045 to order.

Or email for a Skype Name: AcousticElectricappointment with Gary today!

DuShane Deluxe 4-String details...

Rich, Creamy Tone
Beautifully Antiqued Spirit Varnish
Lightweight, Internal Pickup Does Not Affect Acoustic Tone
No External Knobs or Wires
Top: Hand Carved Spruce
Back: One-Piece Flamed Maple
Sides and Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Despiau
Strings: D'Addario Helicore, Medium Tension
Tailpiece: Wittner Adjustable
All Woods Are Aged
Case Included; Bow Not Included; Free Shipping within Continental US

From an early customer,
and the DuShane's namesake:

Gary, this fiddle is my new best pal. It works beautifully. I played 3 plugged-in gigs in a row last week - first a contra dance, then a Cajun dance for which I tuned down a full step, then an outdoor concert with a singer-songwriter, tuned back up to regular tuning. The fiddle adapted to the different atmospheric conditions, held its tuning perfectly (which is unheard-of) and sounded great whether through my amp or direct from my DI to the sound board. We compared it on the Cajun gig to the other fiddler's Baggs set-up, and everyone could clearly hear that my violin was superior. No "bite" with bow changes, just clean, balanced violin sound across all 4 strings. Plus it has a clear, sweet voice acoustically, is set up just right to play easily, and is pretty to look at. I love it. Thank you!

Mary DuShane, Minneapolis, seen here playing her DuShane Violin with the Cajun Hot Soles.

Mary DuShane playing her DuShane Violin with the Cajun Hot Soles

Your complete satisfaction –
our ultimate goal...

All our instruments are set up by luthier Gary E. Bartig in our Minneapolis shop. If you have special setup needs, Gary will work with you to accommodate them. And if you'd like to audition two violins for comparison purposes, just let us know!

Our warranty policy...

Since we do not have control over the environment in which our violins are kept once in our customers’ possession, we are not able to guarantee any wooden parts of the violin. However, we do provide a 5-year warranty on the internal pickup. If your pickup needs repair after the end of the warranty, or if your instrument needs repair at any time, we will be happy to assist or advise on best options.

Audio clips recorded at Warehouse Studio, performed by Tom Schaefer.
Learn more about our audio clip recording methods.


Questions? Call Gary at 800-741-3045.