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   Acoustic Tone – Number One ˜ Amplified Tone – Second to None

   From G. Edward Lutherie

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4-String Acoustic Electric Violins
from master luthier Gary Bartig

Affordable 4-string instruments
with remarkable depth and clarity...

Acoustic electric violins are a wonderful idea. But the promise has fallen short until now. The Marinette, DuShane Deluxe, and Old No. 54 violins from master luthier Gary E. Bartig set the amplified acoustic violin standard.

Purely electric violins have always disappointed. They simply do not deliver the warmth and depth of tone you expect from your instrument. Each AES 4-string acoustic electric violin gives you the great look and tone of an acoustic violin, with the added versatility of Gary's lightweight, internal pickup for your amplified requirements.

Marinette 4-String DuShane 4-String Old No. 54

Work with a luthier who
understands your needs and requirements...

All our instruments are set up by luthier Gary E. Bartig in our Minneapolis shop. If you have special setup needs, Gary will work with you to accomodate them. And if you'd like to audition two instruments for comparison purposes, call Gary at 800-741-3045.

Lovely to play, affordable to own…
when you hear them you'll understand

Our audio clips let you be the judge. Audio clipsOur audio clips let you be the judge. on each instrument page allow you to judge the quality of tone, both with and without the pickup.

Gary offers three 4-strings at prices to suit any budget.

Learn more:

  • Marinette – $699 — great for students moving to a full-size violin or players desiring an affordable acoustic electric instrument…
  • DuShane Deluxe – $1299 — the next step in your acoustic electric evolution. Beautifully antiqued with a rich and creamy tone…
  • Old No. 54 – $1989 — our new wide-bodied 4-string. The power of a 5-string violin with the familiar feel of a 4-string...

Questions? Call Gary at 800-741-3045.

Or email for a Skype Name: AcousticElectricappointment with Gary today!