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About Us

Acoustic Electric Strings is the
creative inspiration of
Gary E. Bartig...

...designer of the Eminence Portable Upright Bass, and the Dahlia 5-String Acoustic Violin.

A respected luthier and musician with a background in electronics and sound engineering, Gary has long been searching for a superior-sounding violin pickup - one that's lightweight, unobtrusive, with little or no bow clunk. With the innovation of his internal, bass bar pickup installed in great sounding, affordable instruments, is off and running!

As a subsidiary of G. Edward Lutherie, Acoustic Electric Strings offers the same great service our customers have come to expect and enjoy. We're a "mom and pop" operation, so when you contact us, you'll talk to either Gary or Karen.

We ship worldwide. For US orders, we offer a one-week free trial period and free shipping (with credit card deposit), and we're happy to send more than one instrument to expedite your decision.

Our audio clips, recorded by Gary in our Warehouse Studio, showcase the acoustic and amplified tone of each instrument. Click here for audio clip technical details.

We're now on Skype Name: AcousticElectric!

Which means Gary can show you a selection of instruments — and play a tune on each — to give you first-hand experience with our instruments before you make your purchase. It's almost as good as playing them yourself!

Here's how it works: set up a Skype account, and email your Skype name and some possible times to connect. We'll confirm a time, send you an invite to join our Skype network, and get the call going. That's it!

So email us for a Skype appointment with Gary today!

Or Come for a Visit

Both our shop and our warehouse are located in Northeast Minneapolis. Gary is available by appointment only, so please call 800-741-3045 or 612-781-5799, or email us at [email protected], to schedule a visit. Gary will let you know whether shop or warehouse is more appropriate for your needs.

Our shop address is 537 36 ½  Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418. Click on the map directly below for directions.

Link to 537 36 ½  Ave. NE on Google Map

Our warehouse address (see second map below)
is 1620 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, Suite 232.
This is also our mailing address (our shipping address is the same, but using Suite 102).

Link to 1620 Central Ave NE on Google Map




Gary with the Dahlia 5-String Violin
  Gary with the Dahlia 5-String Violin
   (Photo by Katryn Conlin)


Karen and Gary at IBMA
  Karen and Gary at IBMA


Our violins are ready for your audition!
  Our violins are ready for your audition!


Gary with Missy Raines at IBMA
  AES players Darol Anger &
  Kathleen Parks jamming at our
  ASTA booth